Artistists always search for the inspiration for their work. It's an inherent need that comes from the understanding of ones work. Some artists, myself included, use it as a way to root their style, finding the place where the artist's creativity was born. As I looked at history to see where the art I made was rooted, I found a portal into the mindset of the art and artists that were all around me, past, present, and future. In other words, I think I have found the root of not only my art but all art. Not to say that I presume to speak for all the creative beings in the universe, but Jung found a number of ways to connect us all as conscious beings. One of those ways was the theory that the universal mind is rooted in a central birthplace of the first conscious thought. The place where god clearly separated humans from the animals. At this point all original thought began including the need to communicate, transfer knowledge to the next generation, convey the legend of a great hunt, or how to make fire for warmth. Art was born from the need to communicate. Some art as it evolved became almost omnipresent among all peoples of the planet earth. This is where the Atlantintropic Theory was born.

"The world has made such comet-like advance
Lately on science, we may almost hope,
Before we die of sheer decay, to learn
Something about our infancy; when lived
That great, original, broad-eyed, sunken race,
Whose knowledge, like the sea-sustaining rocks,
Hath formed the base of this world's factious lore."

P. Baiely, FESTUS

As my own art developed I found that there were repeating themes that I had not necessarily been aware of. I feel, as many artists do, that style and technique are a combination of life experience, natural ability, knowledge of the medium, and some practiced skill either through self motivation or schooling. To address the development of style I have to start with the closest most accessible source, myself. Breaking down the influences on my work in chronological order from pre pubescence to the present, I will be able to explain the Atlantintropic Theory more clearly.

After my style had grown into something identifiable, I decided to look back and see where some of the imagery and influence was emanating from. I was not more than 16 or 17 years old when one of my high-school art teachers described the idea behind "style development". He gave us an assignment to do over a week. He told us to list all of the people, places, and things that may have formed our perceptions of ourselves and in turn influence our art. When did you think you might like art as an activity? Who told you to or taught you to draw? Do you have any TV shows, musicians, actors, actresses, movies, plays or any other type of artistic input that you rely on for inspiration? I was already determined to become an artist, so I took this assignment very seriously as a way to further my self exploration. First I did the obvious and answered all the questions I could without library research. My father was an mechanical engineer and draftsman, so his tools and influence were paramount to my development. On the flip side my mother was a "crafter". Ceramics and plaster craft mostly. She would often have large groups of friends over the house participating in hand done gifts for various holidays. Between both parents there were a number of graphic design, mechanical design, and craft tools available to me for both 3 dimensional and flat work. Play-Do was not made available instead I was casting plaster at a very young age, as well as carving wood relief. Sitting at a drafting board instead of a child's play easel, gave me a jump on the tools of an adult artist. However this is technique not style influence. For that I had to look deeper, comparing my work to other artists and craftsmen.