For the last decade it has been my pleasure to have witnessed the evolution of Alex' creative process.

In the development of Atlantintropic you'll find a culmination of his experience and skill. The project is designed to communicate an understanding of the degrading world around us by looking through the eyes of a 21st Century American artist. The work shows the cultivation of a natural ability to record and express the deterioration of our place in time. His concept also reflects an honor for those gracious enough to teach him along the way. As I understand it Atlantictropic is a philosophy of art, life and culture. It demonstrates an application and a range of cognitive abilities far beyond the limits associated with the disorder (ADHD) that Alex is effected with. In the work you can see an adaptation and correction in his own human weaknesses that is directly reflected in the industrial materials he uses as a medium. As a Special Education professional, dealing with students who lack the ability to communicate their thoughts by traditional means, I am humbled by his ability to absorb information and translate it into the language of visual art, raising awareness for the subject in a way that only high art can convey.